Great Western Suburban Coaches for Branchline and mainline operations.

The Collect series of coaches being designed are based on the nominal 60'-0" length and 9'3" wide series which were built from 1930, the longer length gave more room in the third class compartments but because of the wider body the door handles were recessed. Most of the Bristol sets remained in use up to the early '60's whereas the Birmingham sets were broken up into three coach ones after the reorganisation to the Midland division in 1955.

The models have interior lighting plus a lit tail lamp.

The Bristol division 'B' Sets & Birmingham / Worcester division 'D' sets

These are two coach sets made up of a pair of close coupled Brake Composites to Diagram E140 and normally hauled by a small Prairie, although the Birmingham and Worcester sets had the larger Prairies as motive power.

The Birmingham Division 'B' Sets & London Division 'A' sets

These are four coach sets made up of a pair of Brake thirds to Diagram D109 and a pair of Composites E141, again hauled by either large or small Prairies or sometimes a 43xx Mogul. The coach roof can easily be removed allowing you to add passengers to your coach.

This model is designed to negotiate R2 curves (40.5 inches).

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