O Gauge BR WR Chocolate & Cream BSK W34154 DCC Fitted

  • Product Code:7P-001-006D
  • RRP: £242.20

Specification / features in each individual Mk1 Coach product page

- Scale length and accurately modelled exterior & correctly profiled roof & carriage sides
- Easy to remove roof for placement of passengers and access to internal workings
- Correctly detailed window ventilators and profiled windows as originally built. Stretcher windows modelled where applicable. Glazing firmly secured into the model.
- Full and accurately modelled under frame detailing and bogie wheelbase
- Body variations correct to build periods portrayed
- Diecast bogie frames
- Sprung metal buffers
- Gap free running with Lionheart’s close coupling mechanism and corridor connector capable of negotiating R2 curves
- Expertly applied livery and accurately portrayed decoration with separately fitted details
- Each model will contain a fully detailed and decorated interior
- Switchable internal lighting — Separate corridor and compartment lighting, with optional DCC control.
- Inclusion of door window bar
- Rounded step edges
- Inclusion of the correct number of corridor end steps for each period / livery modelled
- Two versions of inter-coach cabling modelled—stowed and deployed
- Early and late versions of the corridor connector end doors to be modelled

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