O Gauge BR ER Crimson & Cream SO E3774 DCC Fitted

  • Product Code:7P-001-101D
  • RRP: £242.20

Lionheart Trains is proud to announce the launch of a new line of exquisitely modelled Mark 1 coaches. The range will initially include the BSK, SO, SK and the CK variants of the coach with five liveries being prepared: BR, Carmine and Cream, BR WR, Chocolate and Cream, BR Maroon BR SR Green and BR Blue. The Lionheart Trains model is based on the early rendition of the Mark 1 coach built between 1951 and 1960. The Commonwealth variant built after 1961 will be modelled in subsequent batches of models. 


The Lionheart Trains Mark 1 Coach model will Feature: 

• Produced from original drawings 

• Scale length and accurately modelled exterior & correctly profiled roof & carriage sides 

• Easy to remove roof for placement of passengers and access to internal workings 

• Correctly detailed window ventilators and profiled windows as originally built. Stretcher windows modelled where applicable. Glazing firmly secured into the model. 

• Full and accurately modelled under frame detailing and bogie wheelbase 

• Body variations correct to build periods portrayed 

• Diecast bogie frames 

• Sprung metal buffers 

• Gap free running with Lionheart’s close coupling mechanism and corridor connector capable of negotiating R2 curves 

• Expertly applied livery and accurately portrayed decoration with separately fitted details 

• Each model will contain a fully detailed and decorated interior 

• Switchable internal lighting — Separate corridor and compartment lighting, with optional DCC control. 

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