O Gauge 45XX 4555 G.W. Green lettered GREAT WESTERN

  • Product Code:LHT-S-4501
  • RRP: £495.00

- Die cast metal chassis and cylinders with working vacuum pump
- Die cast wheels with steel tyres
- Brake shoes in ABS plastic
- Two styles of sand boxes in ABS
- 5 pole skew wound precision motor
- Helical gearbox
- Sprung driving wheel and pony trucks
- Front and rear pony wheel trucks to operate on a cam system to allow the model to traverse R2 (40.5” radius) curves
- Die cast pivoted coupling and connecting rods, plated then blackened
- The footplate valance to include the packing piece for the extended version.
- Two versions of smokebox door (one with fixings for B.R. number plate)
- Easily removable cab roof (for adding a crew) by means of small magnets
- Chimney, short and tall safety valve casings and whistles to be turned metal parts
- Working cab doors in ABS
- Wire handrails with stanchions in metal
- Sprung metal buffers and screw link couplings
- Full back head detail with reversing lever in ABS
- Coal load in bunker
- Flickering firebox glow

Initial Artwork shown for illustration purposes only - Under review and correction where necessary. 

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